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Benefits of Hiring a Graphic Designer for Logo Design

Close-up of graphic designer's hand using a laptop with a design software open

A logo is an important aspect of any business as it is technically the “face of your brand”. It can even be considered as your brand’s signature. Your logo will represent your brand, its values, and identity.

If you are just starting a business, you probably know the struggle of having a logo that captures the very being of your brand. With so many free logo makers out there, it can be tempting to use one to DIY your own logo.

If you are short on design skills, time, or even money, these tools can definitely help you a lot when it comes to making your own logo. While you can create your own logo using a free logo maker, it might be more beneficial to you and your business to hire a professional to do the work for you.

Is hiring a graphic designer for a logo design important? Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a graphic designer for your logo.

Why Hire a Graphic Designer For Your Logo?

Close-up of a logo designer working on several sketches of a logo

Here are some reasons why you should think about hiring a professional for your logo design.

Expertise and Experience

You might be asking yourself, “why hire a graphic designer for a logo when I can use free tools on the web?” 

A valid question, yes. But, Designing something can be very complex, even more so when it comes to a logo.

Professional graphic designers have experience not only in various design tools and softwares but also in design principles. They can pick out colors, typography, and other visual elements, which can lead to a consistent branding that aligns well with your business. 

Graphic designers spend time researching and creating different studies when creating a logo. They also take into account how your logo will look like on different applications, media formats, and marketing applications.

By hiring a graphic designer, you can also have a brand style guide created for you which helps create a consistent look and feel for your business.

Creativity and Fresh Ideas

Brainstorming design ideas is not an easy task and you can easily get stuck in a rut, especially if you are not really a creative person.

A designer can bring fresh ideas on the table and present you with concepts that you might have not considered. With the help of a graphic designer, you can present your ideas and they can give their own creative spin to create a good logo for your business.

A collaborative approach with a graphic designer is the best way to have a logo that can exceed your expectations.

A logo designer working on a logo

Professional Finish

A good logo is not just a visually appealing design for your business. It is also about the details that go with it.

A good graphic designer ensures that your logo is not only visually appealing but also polished, clean, and has a high-quality finish. This means that your logo will go well from your smallest packaging to your website, or even a billboard.

A good graphic designer always takes scalability into account when designing and creating a logo. You don’t have to worry about your logo going wonky when being scaled into a smaller or bigger size.

Not only that, good graphic designers also make sure that your logo is versatile and can be adapted into social media and the digital space.

Having a professional designer create your logo ensures that your logo remains relevant as your business grows.

Time Saver

With so many factors in running a business, you probably have so many things going on and are juggling a lot of things.

Hiring a graphic designer can save you so much time. Instead of thinking about what color goes well with your brand, you can think about marketing, sales, or product development.

Leave the creative process to your designer and just meet with them within the dedicated timeframe to check on the designer’s progress and give your feedback. A logo is a long-term investment and you want a well-designed logo that can represent your business for years to come.

Common Concerns When Hiring a Graphic Designer

A logo designer on the phone while looking at her laptop

If it is your first time hiring a graphic designer, it is understandable that you may have a couple of concerns. Here are some of the most common anxieties small business owners face and how to navigate them:

Finding the Right Designer

There are a lot of graphic designers out there and you might get overwhelmed when choosing the right one to hire. 

You can reach out to your network and ask around if they have graphic designers that they can recommend. This is one of the best ways to find a graphic designer to work with since you will be able to have someone vouch for their skills.

You can also hire a designer that specializes in logo design. These designers typically focus on designing logos rather than creating event materials, website design, etc.

Before hiring a designer, make sure to take a look at their portfolio first. A portfolio is important as this showcases the designer’s experience and design process.

Design Misunderstandings

Not asking a lot of questions can lead to misunderstandings. When hiring a designer, you should already have a clear project brief that outlines your expectations, timeline, and even your budget.

You should also be ready to discuss your brand’s vision, target audience, and what your ideas are for your logo. A clear project brief will help not only you, but also your designer as they will have a guideline to follow when it comes to creating your logo.

A good designer should listen to your ideas but at the same time be able to give recommendations to bring your vision into reality.

Budget Concerns

Having a professional designer onboard can be expensive as they come with experience and expertise to help you with your logo.

The cost of hiring a graphic designer can vary depending on the scope of the project, their experience, and even location. You can find several designers and ask for a quote of their services and see which one fits your budget.

Design Ownership

Another thing you should talk about with a potential designer is the usage rights for the final logo design. 

This can depend on the copyright law in your country but typically, the ownership is retained by the one who designed the logo, which is the graphic designer.

To avoid having problems with the copyright and ownership of the design, you can have it stated in your contract that the designer will transfer the copyright and usage ownership to you, the client. Having a contract will protect both you and the designer.



Close-up of a graphic designer's hand holding pen tablet

So, why hire a graphic designer to create a logo for your small business?

A logo is more than just an image that you slap on your marketing materials. It represents your brand’s identity, vision, and values.

Hiring a graphic designer can ensure that your logo aligns with your brand, is visually appealing, and give a lasting impression to your customers. A well-designed logo is an investment that can help with your brand recognition.


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